Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer the chip?

It’s not as difficult as you may think. Use a hairdryer to soften your old plastic card and bend it around the chip. Add a drop of super glue to the slot of your new metal card before inserting the chip.

Please make sure the chip is facing the same way it was on your old plastic card. Avoid getting glue on the chip’s contact surfaces. Bank cards serve as a carrier for the chip so it will work if the chip remains undamaged.

You can watch the chip being transferred in this video.

How does the card work?

The card is only a thin piece of metal; it has no functionality or ability to act on its own. The card’s functionality is provided by the chip that has been added to it.

When inserted your new metal card operates in ATM’s and card readers the same way as your old plastic card did.

Does contactless payment work?

No. Contactless payment is inside your old plastic card and cannot be transferred. Our customers use their phone or a smart watch to continue using contactless payment.

Can I order blank cards in bulk for my company/group?

You can! With a magnetic stripe or without. A reduced cost for bigger orders. If you wish to purchase in quantity, get in touch with us.

What if I want my own laser?

I can assist you with importing the right laser for your needs. To work out the details, get in touch with us.

How long does it take to ship?

Transport times
Germany 3-4 working days
The Netherlands 4-5 working days
Belgium 4-5 working days
Austria 4-5 working days
Poland 4-5 working days
The Czech Republic 4-5 working days
Bulgaria 5-8 working days
Luxemburn 4-5 working days
Spain 4-7 working days
Portugal 5-8 working days
Slovakia 4-5 working days
Slovenia 4-6 working days
Hungary 4-6 working days
Croatia 5-8 working days

How can I contact you?

Through WhatsApp.